Lesson idea – 100 Word Challenge

This week, I discovered the fabulous 100 Word Challenge!

Run by Julia Skinner, the site offers a weekly writing prompt (photo, phrase etc) and encourages children under 16 to write a response in 100 words. These can then be uploaded to a class blog and linked to the 100WC site, whereupon one of their volunteers will respond with a comment. There us also a request that participants visit other entries and leave a comment for them.

This gives children the chance to write for a real audience. In our school, we have decided to use it as a way for children to show what they have learned in terms of SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar). We are also using the examples of other children’s work as WAGOLLs (What A Good One Looks Like) and as opportunities for children to ‘up level’ writing. The beauty of the 100 WC is that you can use it in whatever way suits you and your children. A Five Sentence Challenge is also available for emerging writers.

In addition to children writing entries for the challenge, we plan to:

– shared-write responses which children can then change in their own way.
– provide pieces of writing in which children can identify incorrect spellings and correct these.
– provide pieces of writing in which children can identify different word types and up-level these.
– provide pieces of writing which children need to correctly punctuate.

It would be great to hear from other people using the 100 WC, and find out how they are using it to good effect in their classrooms!



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