KS2 App Starter Kit

It’s now a year since we began to use iPads in our school, and I’ve tried so many different apps! Here is my list of must-have, free apps; tried and tested in our school – a useful ‘starter-kit’ if you are introducing iPads in your school. The focus here is on content creation, rather than consumption.

1. Showbie
We know how important feedback and marking is in developing children’s learning. Showbie is the ideal app for collecting, storing and reviewing children’s work created on the iPad. You can also share content with them here, which they can then download to their device to work with.


2. PicCollage
A simple and effective way of presenting photographs and combining these with text/stickers.


3. Popplet
An easy-to-use mindmapping tool.


4. I-nigma
The best QR reader I have found! It works very easily and cold be used by very young children with their wobbly hands! I also recommend the QRstuff website for creating your QRcodes in the first place.


5. Skitch
Children can easily annotate text and pictures etc using the text/arrows available on Skitch. Use for annotating the key features of text types, or spotting different types of angles around the school building.


6. Educreations
A high-tech version of a mini-whiteboard. Children can use this for similar tasks as they might use a mini-whiteboard, but with the added ability to share their work with the whole class using Apple TV or similar. They can also use photographs, different coloured backgrounds/text etc. Educreations also allows the user to create video presentations by adding audio over the top of the slides. This is great for creating videos demonstrating Maths concepts etc. I have used it to make simple demonstrations then linked the presentations to QR codes stuck on my working wall.


7. Funny Movie Maker
Children love this app, and so do I! Add any image from the camera roll and make it talk using your own mouth and voice! (Think ‘Annoying Orange’ videos, if you’ve seen them!). This app is great for children working in role as different characters.


8. Tellagami
Similarly to Funny Movie Maker, this app allows the user to speak in role as a character. Only this time, you create your own moving character and can add any background you like. A news report from the scene of The Great Fire of London? A virtual tour of your school? All can be made effectively then shared as videos to your camera roll, using this app.


9. 30Hands
Using this app, children can create simple presentations combining text, images (from photographs or self-drawn) and audio. These can then be shared to the camera roll.


10. TinyTap
TinyTap allows children to make their own simple games. Using photos, drawing tools and text options, children can create a variety of games linked to any conceivable concept which require the player to ‘tap’ on the correct part of the screen to find the correct answer. I have used it to make learning grammar concepts a little more interesting.


11. Socrative
Using the Socrative teacher app, teachers can create an account and then use this to create and share simple quizzes in the classroom with children using the Socrative student app. A fantastic way to assess children’s knowledge and understanding; the app can email children’s responses to the teacher in spreadsheet form after the quiz is complete.



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