App Review – 30Hands (a simple multimedia presentation tool)

When I discovered 30 hands via Twitter this week, I felt like Christmas had arrived!

I had planned for children to show their understanding of the first chapter of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by creating a virtual tour of Charlie’s home from his point of view. So far, we have created things such as this using Educreations. However, it wasn’t ideal as there was no way to undo audio if you weren’t happy with it, and saving your work/sharing it with the teacher was very complicated – we lost a few pieces of work along the way! Of course, this isn’t really the purpose for which Educreations was designed.

30 hands provides a simple (I would say that children in Foundation Stage could probably get to grips with it) way to create a combination of images, text and audio and turn them into video.

Images can be added to create ‘slides’, either direct from camera, from the camera roll, or there is a basic drawing tool.

Text can be inputted, again in a basic way, in the form of a caption.

Audio can be recorded on each slide, and deleted if you’re not happy with it.

Finished presentations can then be published to the camera roll (and for us, as always, shared with the teacher on Showbie – although not directly from the app), or there is an option of creating an account and sharing your work with the world!

A few of the controls were less ‘obvious’ than I would hope for in an app designed for younger children, but it didn’t take too long for my Year 3 and 4s to find their way around it.

Best of all, the app is completely free!



3 thoughts on “App Review – 30Hands (a simple multimedia presentation tool)

  1. Thank you for the simple yet effective (we like that) review of 30Hands Mobile. Please share some of the presentations on the 30Hands Community. Contact me if you would like to learn about advanced techniques using the app or if you have questions.

    Mark Steffenson
    30Hands Learning

    • Yes. I’ve only used it for children making virtual tours of Charlie Bucket’s house so far – using evidence from the text. Later in the year I plan to use it for making explanation videos of how the Titanic sank, amongst other things.

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