App Review – Logic Games

I downloaded the Logic Games app for my own use, as I love logic puzzles. However I can also see a lot of scope for using it within the maths classroom. I’ve already tried it with my Year 4 maths set and lots of them wanted to stay in during playtime to continue with the challenges.

Logic games and puzzles are a really important part of maths teaching and this app is full of ways in which children can apply their maths knowledge in ways other than the standard word problems. There are lots of puzzles linked to number – variations on Sudoku are aplenty. But there are also puzzles which would be great for getting children to apply their understanding of area and perimeter.

There are 84 different puzzle types – some of which would be too difficult for primary ages pupils – but all of which have a number of levels which increase in difficulty.

I would particularly recommend these puzzles:

Developing Logical and Systematic Working
Tenner grid

Applying number skills
Square 100

Area and Perimeter
Box it
Box it around

Of course you can have a play around with the app yourself to see what would suit your pupils; but I think this app, being free and only 16mb, would be a great addition to your repertoire of challenges for more able pupils.




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