Lesson idea – QR Code Tour of The Titanic

I’ve seen lots of blog posts and tweets about QR code hunts in schools, and have been itching to try one out. However, I was waiting until I had a real purpose for doing one; something which would enhance learning. Coming to our Year 4 Titanic topic this half term, I found the perfect opportunity. Our year group are split into 2 groups – first class and third class passengers – and each child is given a role as a Titanic survivor. We spend the first few weeks finding out as much as we can to help children to take on their role ready for writing. Part of this is to find out what the facilities and conditions for their class of passenger were. A QR code hunt seemed the ideal way for children to ‘explore’ the ship.

I’ve always thought about how I could take children to exactly the information I want them to find using a QR code, and realised the answer could be right under my nose – a blog! And so I set up another blog primarily for the purpose of posting information I want children to access. Within an hour, I had the 18 items/locations posted onto the blog and the QR codes made through the QR stuff website. My year group partner, using one of school’s iPads, also got the first class parts of the hunt ready to go within a short time. We used the WordPress App to set up the blog, then the Inigma QR code reader (the best one I’ve used) for the children to scan the codes.

There is a link to the codes for third class here in my Dropbox.



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