App Review – TinyTap

Wow – another fantastic app which really harnesses the power of the iPad! TinyTap is a free app with endless possibilities for classroom use. With this app users can create their own ‘tap the right answer’ game, using photos, text, their own drawings etc. These can then be played on the iPad or emailed to someone else with the app to play.

We tried it out this morning with children first making their own quizzes (no instructions from me necessary for Year 4s) with a topic of their choice, then moving on to make grammar quizzes for Year 5 to play next week.

My TAs immediately saw potential for very quick and easy resource creation for their intervention groups too.

What’s great about it
– it’s free
– it’s simple to use
– it has loads of features (photos, drawing, stickers, VoiceOver, music)
– it’s engaging (and can easily make something potentially dry a little more interesting)
– you can access games other teachers/children have made in the ‘market’

What could be better
– it has a strange feature – when you add text to a screen, it automatically adds pre-loaded text (eg ‘in a galaxy far, far away) which can be confusing. I’m not sure what purpose it serves.



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