Tip of the day – get connected

iPad use in education is constantly evolving and changing as people experiment and find new ways of using them. If you’re reading this blog you’ll hopefully already know how useful the sharing of good practice can be. I try to put aside some time each week to catch up on my favourite ICT/education blogs and have now got involved in Twitter.

Last night someone set a Twitter challenge looking for children to contribute sentences for a new book = instant challenge in today’s Literacy with a real audience.

Twitter also led me to one of the most exciting lessons I’ve taught all year! Mr Parkinson, ICT legend, tweeted about his use of Temple Run to inspire writing so I took a look. The work the children at Davyhulme had produced was fantastic, so we started today by reading their work and drawing what we pictured. Many children knew pretty much straight away that the writing was about Temple Run – what a great way to demonstrate the power of descriptive writing. The children loved evaluating and enjoying writing produced by children in another school, who they could listen to reading their work. They can’t wait to write their own, with the prospect that children in another school might see it!

I’ll post the results later in the week – in the meantime read Mr Parkinson’s blog and get on Twitter! (Follow me @misscnewton82)



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