Lesson idea – using Strip Designer to show inference skills

We’ve been using picture books in school with older children for a few years now. For my lower ability Year 4 set they are ideal for developing skills linked to inference and author intent etc, before moving on to applying these to written texts. This week we’ve been using the book Robot Dreams by Sara Varon, and the children have been so engaged with this beautiful story, told entirely through pictures. To assess the children’s understanding of the text I asked them to add speech/thought bubbles to the characters at some key points in the story. Below are some examples of heir work, produced using the Strip Designer app.

Strip designer allows the user to create comic strips using a wide range of frames. Pictures can be taken from within the app, added from the photo library or drawn within the app. There are a number of fonts, text balloons and stickers available. A range of effects can also be added to the piece. Very handily, the text balloons can be set to automatically fit the text within them to the size of the balloon. The completed comic strips can be shared quickly in a number of forms, including adding to camera roll so these can easily be added to Showbie ready for the teacher to give feedback.





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