Show Me the Showbie! An Easy iPad Workflow Solution

A great write-up of my favourite app – Showbie!

Jonathan Wylie

ShowbieHave you tried Showbie yet? If you have iPads in the classroom, and you’re struggling with how to have students submit assignments, you need to take a look at it. This free service lets students submit assignments to the teacher, who can then grade them and return them to the student all on the iPad. Here’s how.

Start by downloading the free Showbie app, and create a teacher account. Next, add a class, and take note of the class code. Teachers can create as many classes as they need. Tell students what your individual class code is so that when they sign up, they can join your class and be able to submit assignments to you. (Note: no email addresses are required for students to sign up and use the Showbie service).

Once everybody is signed up, the teacher adds an assignment to the shared folder in their chosen class…

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3 thoughts on “Show Me the Showbie! An Easy iPad Workflow Solution

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    • I hope it will be as easy as initial set up – each teacher will have their class code and students will input this as they log in when ipads are first used in the session. For teachers this adds less than 1 min to the process and for students less than10 seconds depending in age, I think.

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