App Review – Skitch

To me, Skitch is another one of those must-have apps. It’s made by the same developers as Evernote (an app I’ve not yet taken the time to appreciate) and is a simple annotation tool with handy features. There are options to create accounts and save work, but for my busy Year 4s, the simple ‘sign-up later’ option works just great!

With Skitch you can start off with a blank screen, a photo, a map or web screenshot. Onto that can be added pen-drawn marks, highlighting, simple shapes, a small range of stickers, text or arrows. I’ve used it in a couple of ways as you can see below. Firstly for annotating the key features of a text type (in this case a wedding invite). Secondly in a maths lesson, where children had to attempt to catch all 15 of a particular (differentiated) type of decimal dragon, and describe its place value, partition it and round it. What I especially liked about this was the ability to type each of the ‘tasks’ in a different colour.



What’s good about it
– it’s free
– it’s easy to use – the small number of options here is a benefit, as sometimes a wide range of options can be distracting for children
– it’s easy to save pictures created to the camera roll
– you can take pictures from within the app
– you can ‘AirPlay’ your annotations via Apple TV etc directly from the app, without having to double click the home button etc

What could be better
– a wider range of colours (sort of contradicts what I said above, but there are only 8)
– drawing one colour over another is tricky, as the app tries to move previous marks rather than draw over them. Then again, it’s not a drawing app.
– an ‘open in another app’ option (to make sharing work to Showbie, Dropbox etc even easier)

Highly recommended.


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