App Review – Socrative Student Response System

A few years ago I remember being very jealous of the handheld voting system (think ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ ask the audience) a teacher from the local high school brought in to run a quiz with my Year 6 class. With a price tag of thousands of pounds, it was sadly out of our Primary price range.

Fast forward a few years, and in walks Socrative. A free app which does a very similar job to those voting systems, and more.

To get going you’ll need the Socrative Teacher app on the device you are going to use (phone or ipad) and the Socrative Student app on any of the children’s devices. Great news – it’s free!

From the teacher app, you can create quizzes or ‘exit tickets’ (eg mini self assessment questionnaires for the end of a lesson). These can take a multiple choice format or be more open-ended.

Students then need to open their app and join your ‘room’ using the code given at the top of your screen. Once your students have all joined (I’ve found this very quick, even with the poor wifi we have in school currently), you can set the quiz going (these can be saved prior to the lesson, and shared with others if you wish).

Children can work at their own pace, individually or you can set a fun, rocket race going, where each team is set a different coloured rocket and can see their progress against other teams if you mirror your device to the board.

Once finished, you can email the results of the quiz to yourself in the form of a spreadsheet.

What’s great about it
– it’s free
– it’s versatile
– it’s easy for children to use (although I think children younger than Year 3 would struggle in a large group)
– it collects data into a manageable format
– it’s an engaging assessment tool

What could be better
– it can be hard to navigate your way round at first
– it doesn’t look very child-friendly, apart from the rockets
– my children got confused when it asked them to put their surname before their first name

All in all, I feel it’s a must-have addition to your school iPads/training plan for staff.



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