Lesson Idea – Using Creative Book Builder to produce video instructions

I posted a couple of weeks ago about a fantastic idea I’d seen for using iPads in a Design Technology unit for Year 6. Inspired by this, and keen to promote our current whole school focus on independent learning, I wanted to try out something similar.

Link to article

The plan was to use Creative Book Builder to create a guide to our DT pop up books unit for Year 4. Through the unit, the children learn how to create a number of mechanisms and then put these together to create their own book. The idea with my video guide, was that they could work at their own pace, and have access to instructional videos which they could pause, rewind and watch again if they needed to.

The first part of book creation was easy – including adding in audio instructions for children who struggle with reading. I made a cover using PicCollage and took screenshots of Showbie to show children how to access the evaluation document I had made using Pages.

Adding video was also simple and I had the whole thing done in under an hour. Then I hit a problem. The finished file was over 250mb. I couldn’t email it to myself, couldn’t upload it to Dropbox and couldn’t get the app’s inbuilt QR code maker to work. I had a look around the Internet and discovered this great little Video Compressor app. For the book I’ve compressed the videos to the lowest quality available (making them around 2mb per video), but it is also possible to have better quality output.

Sharing the finished book to my Dropbox all happened via the Creative Book Builder app. Hopefully you can access it via this link if you want to have a look at the book (then open in iBooks). I’ve now opened it on our school iPads and synced it to the rest of the devices, ready to start work on the unit next week.


Coming next: we’ll be using Zooburst to create Augmented Reality pop-up books, alongside our paper ones.


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