App Review – Bitsboard

Spelling is currently a big focus in our school, and I’ve found a number of apps for practising spelling. However, none have been quite so easily personalisable as Bitsboard.


This free app is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Using one of the ‘boards’ created by other teachers, or one you have created yourself, children can use 9 different mini games (matching, true/false, unscrambling, spelling) to practise reading and spelling different words. For children in Foundation Stage, it could simply be used for increasing their vocabulary. For older children, topic specific vocabulary could easily be inputted.

I tried creating a board for next term’s spelling objective; the -le ending. Inputting the word ‘kettle’ brought up a number of different kettle images instantly for me to choose from. If a word wasn’t in the app’s audio bank, or sounded too American, I could record over it using my own voice.

After creating a free teacher account, I simply shared my ‘board’. The children can then search and download the board to use in lessons.

All in all, a fantastic addition to my spelling lesson repertoire, which makes great use of technology!

Of course, its use isn’t only limited to spelling/Literacy. There are plenty of boards for counting coins, telling the time and other concepts.


5 thoughts on “App Review – Bitsboard

  1. Hi,

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    The app speaks many languages and is a great exercise for teaching second languages (Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Mandarin, Hebrew and Arabic are included!).

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