Lesson Idea – Using Tellagami to produce a news report

Firstly, here’s an example of some of the writing produced, inspired by Epic Citadel. I was really pleased with the overall result!


The next stage in the process was to describe the ‘Problem’ aspect of the story. Again wanting a lot of talk before writing, I wanted the children to first produce a news broadcast which would give them the chance to develop their ideas about the havoc the dragon was wreaking on their (now well described!) citadel. I began with a stimulus produced using the fantastic (and free!) Tellagami app. The screenshot below is from a short video clip I made using the app, of a news journalist visiting the citadel and asking for people to be interviewed for the Citadel News at 10. I also produced 3 more clips with interview questions for the town mayor, a resident and George himself.

Children watched these from Showbie, and were then tasked with developing their responses to these questions in groups of 3 using Popplet.


After a short time in their groups, I then asked the children to ‘visit’ another child’s ipad to find ideas for their own responses and to add any further responses to that person’s Popplet.

Again, the results of this collaboration were pleasing, and children were very engaged and motivated.



The next step will be children verbalising their responses in role, using the Tellagami app, the product of which I plan to edit together with my initial questions to produce a full report. Again, I’m looking forward to the results!

The results were good. The children used their Popplet plans to rehearse and then record their answers. The background noise does spoil the effect a little, but not bad for a first attempt!

Editing the clips together with my interview question clips was very simple in iMovie, after I first downloaded the children’s clips from Showbie. Downloading and editing 3 children’s work took just under 5 minutes.

How did the ipads support the learning?

– engagement (goes without saying now I think!)

– very clear visual representation of ideas.

– ease of collaboration.


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    Reblog: Tellagami was described in a Cool Cat Teacher podcast. Interesting free iPad app with description of how it can be integrated into project work.

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