Lesson idea – using Epic Citadel to inspire writing

As part of our castles topic, our Literacy unit in Year 4 is Knights and Dragons. My writing set are rewriting the story of George and the Dragon from the point of view of George. I wanted them to learn to describe different aspects of a setting using adverbials of place. I was delighted when I came across Epic Citadel! This free app allows the user to explore an ancient citadel, complete with ambient sound effects.


I asked the children to use the Popplet lite app to plan their description, planning adjectives, place adverbials and thoughts/feelings in different colours.


Tomorrow I’ll be working on changing the order of the different sentence elements to create powerful descriptive sentences and can’t wait to see the result!

How did the technology improve the learning?

– Engagement: children loved the Epic Citadel app and there was a great buzz around the classroom as they explored.

– Experience: of course, a visit to a real medieval town would be the ideal! But for children who sometimes lack imagination, this app provided the perfect alternative. Better than a video in that the children could move at their own pace.

– Visual planning: this works well for my children, particularly the ability to use different colours for different elements. It also helped that we could physically move the elements around to experiment with the order.


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