Tip of the day – let the children take the lead

As teachers we are so used to taking the lead, and telling the children how we want them to do something. Yet, doing this could limit the impact the iPad has in our classrooms. We want our children to be skilled 21st century learners, and choosing how and when to use the technology is an important skill they need to develop. Now that my children are comfortable with sing the available apps, I can often let them know what I’d like them to learn, what resources they have to find the information and what evidence of their learning I’d like to receive.

As an example, I wanted the children to find out what the features of a castle were and what their functions were. They chose to use a combination of books and the iPad, including downloading a fantastic PDF poster from Scholastic

The different ways each child approached this really impressed me; utilising the iPad in ways that wouldn’t have occurred to me. Had I been prescriptive about which app the children should use to present their learning, I feel the outcome would not have been quite so effective.


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