App Review – What Time is it Mr Wolf?

We have plenty of Maths based apps on our iPads, which I’ll begin to review this week.

I’m going to start though, with one of the ones my class request to play frequently, and which they were all excited to discover they could play on PC too.

The What time is it Mr Wolf? app from Teachers Pet is a highly engaging app designed to help children practise telling the time. I used it initially for small group teaching, and found the children who hadn’t yet used it couldn’t wait for their turn; excited by the fun sound effects!


– ability to toggle on/off different time units (eg o clock, quarter to, nearest 5 mins)

– range of multiple choice answers offered

– ability to choose between time in words/digital time/both

– engaging sound and graphics

– instant feedback

What could be better?

– 24hr time telling

– setting clock hands to particular times.

All in all this is a quality app – and I’d expect nothing less from a company who clearly strive to produce quality products (their range of high quality display resources and activities can be found by following the link above) and who produce resources based on input from their growing customer base.



4 thoughts on “App Review – What Time is it Mr Wolf?

  1. Thankyou very much for such a lovely review, I will be sharing this on our social pages tomorrow! I have noted your idea about the 24 hr clocks and am happy to say it will be included in an upcoming update along with a few other extra features. Thanks again!

    Teacher’s Pet

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