Product Review: Apple TV

One of the key reasons we decided to buy iPads for our school was their potential impact on AfL. Using Apple TV is a key way in which we use the iPads for peer review/collaboration.

What is it?
Developed primarily for the home user, Apple TV is a small (approx 10cm x10cm) box which uses wifi to display what is on your iPad screen onto another screen. For us – our Smartboards.

Children or adults can instantly project the content of their screen onto the Smartboard for all to see

They can immediately respond to any feedback/input given

Teachers can, using apps such as ShowMe, Smart Notebook or Educreations, give explanations/present content from wherever they are in the room.

Apple TV is a relatively inexpensive device at £99 plus an HDMI – VGA adaptor (which the blue VGA cable which may plug into your laptop) will go into.

Easily portable from class to class, so if you only have one set of ipads you don’t necessarily need an Apple TV in each classroom.

Difficult to connect it to school wifi if you use a proxy server – you’ll probably need to take it home and set it up there. Otherwise it’s a simple process.

If your wifi solution in school isn’t up to scratch, it will be practically useless.

It would be easy for a child to display whatever is on their iPad in any room with an Apple TV so you’ll well trained to children to avoid problems!


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