App Review – Showbie

It wasn’t long before the 16gb iPads began to fill up with work children had created on apps such as Book Creator, Educreations, Notebook, Toontastic etc. This, combined with my long term aim to use iPads predominantly in school brought me to the tricky issue of storage.

I’d struggled through emailed work, going through individual iPads, trying to upload screenshots of work onto our learning platform etc. Added to the fact that of course, Apple don’t make storage an easy option. File browsing apps seemed complicated for younger children.

Then I came across Showbie, a free app which allows teachers to create online storage files into which children can upload files. Not only that, but it offers the functions of both pupil and teacher being able to add photographs, annotations, voice and text notes – showing a huge potential for giving quality feedback, even to very young children.

The app is simple to navigate and files can be reached via the app, safari or from a PC or laptop.

The app and school accounts are currently free and offer unlimited ‘assignments’ and uploads.

Files from apps such as Pages and Book Creator can be shared straight into the app.

Teachers can feedback on work in different ways pretty much instantly.

Children can join the ‘classes’ of different teachers very easily using a class code.

Voice note capability supports children whose reading/writing skills are weaker.

Simple video tutorials are available on the website showing how to upload files from different sources.

Files can be uploaded by the teacher for the whole class to view on their devices.

There is no simple way to create accounts for all of your students – a spreadsheet to do this would be a big improvement.

Teacher feedback is based on the whole ‘assignment’ rather than individual aspects of it (eg if a child uploads a voice note, text note and file you cannot see which piece of feedback matches each aspect)

Tips on using Showbie in the classroom:
Create a QR code for the assignment and print this off to put in pupils’ books to remind you/a moderator where the evidence is.

Ask children to take screenshots of correct answers in Maths apps and upload these to Showbie as more evidence for your assessment.

Let parents know about Showbie. Many of them will have smartphones/tablets at home and may like to see their children’s work.

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6 thoughts on “App Review – Showbie

    • We have one school account, which I manage. Then I invite the other teachers to join our school account. That way they have access to more assignments etc, rather than having individual accounts which would give them less.

  1. But what if they then want to access work from their own class from a pc? If that’s even possible? Wouldn’t they have to use your email address?

    • No they all have their own account, linked to the school account. They set their classes up in the same way as they would if it was an individual account. As account manager I send them an invite from within Showbie, which they then accept and use to set up their own account.

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