App Review – Bitsboard

Spelling is currently a big focus in our school, and I’ve found a number of apps for practising spelling. However, none have been quite so easily personalisable as Bitsboard. This free app is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Using one of the ‘boards’ created by other teachers, or one you have created yourself, children […]

Lesson idea – using Funny Movie Maker to get your point across

Funny Movie Maker is a simple free app which lets the user put their ‘mouth’ onto a picture (anyone who’s ever seen the Annoying Orange videos on you tube will recognise the idea!). I can see lots of potential ideas for using this; speaking in role as a historical character, book character, explaining concepts etc. […]

Lesson Idea – Using Tellagami to produce a news report

Firstly, here’s an example of some of the writing produced, inspired by Epic Citadel. I was really pleased with the overall result! The next stage in the process was to describe the ‘Problem’ aspect of the story. Again wanting a lot of talk before writing, I wanted the children to first produce a news broadcast […]